About Us

Some of our members at the 3rd European EA Unconference near Berlin, August 2021

Here you can get to know some of our members

Marius Hobbhahn

PhD in Machine Learning; Personal blog: www.mariushobbhahn.com; Twitter: @mariushobbhahn.

Malte Hendrickx

PhD in philosophy at UoM Ann Arbor, Michigan; My main interests are in morality and mind, with a focus on the intersections between philosophy, cognitive science and economics.

Sebastian Krüger

I’m currently doing a Geoecology Master here in Tübingen. I’m passionate about making progress on the problem of wild animal suffering and the synthesis of rationality and spirituality.

Moritz Hanke

I’m a 4th year medical student here in Tübingen and doing my MD thesis in Neuroscience. Inside EA I am most interested in Biosecurity and Global Health.

Jonathan Mannhart

I’m finishing my Bachelor’s degree in cognitive science in Tübingen. My main interests are how the brain creates suffering and happiness, as well as humanity’s long-term plans to face ever more complex challenges, such as biorisk and AI alignment. Twitter: @JMannhart

Franziska Reichmuth

I’m doing my Bachelor in Psychology and General Rhetoric at the University of Tübingen. My main interests (inside EA) are data analyses, rationality, animal suffering and the boundaries of consciousness.

Yannick Mühlhäuser

I am finishing my Bachlor’s degree in Physics in Tübingen. Besides EA I am interested in history, philosophy, geopolitics and economics. Twitter: @yannick___m.

Pauline Scheuber

Medical Student in her 5th year, pursuing a thesis in Neurology. Main interests are mental welfare, public health, and rationality.

Dominik Hermle

I am a 5th year medical student. Currently doing my MD thesis in clinical neurology. I am interested in neurology, translational medicine, pain, biosecurity and global health. I like debating (things).

Joschka Braun

I’m studying Computer Science in Tübingen, and I’m primarily interested in Machine Learning and the Alignment of Artificial Intelligence. In my leisure time, I like to go running, cycling and debating.  

Tamara Falcone

I am studying Philosophy and Middle Eastern Studies in Tübingen. My main concerns within EA are mental health and moral circle expansion. More generally, I am fascinated by spirituality and its synthesis with science and philosophy.   

Katharina Deckenbach

Currently finishing my Bachelor’s degree in cognitive science. I am interested in mental health, AI safety, animal welfare and I am also exited about baking and learning languages.

Erola Pons

I’m doing a PhD in Neuroscience on meditation and depersonalization (and have a Bachelor’s in Biology from Barcelona). I’m interested in mental health, philosophy of mind and ethics, and alternatives to the growth imperative. I also enjoy hiking and dancing.