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We meet every Wednesday at 18:00 in person for a discussion session or an EA social. The location is room 106 of the Fremdsprachenzentrum (Wilhelmstr. 22).
The meetings will usually be in English, however, some events and socials (if no English-speaking person is present) will be in German.

Oct 05. 2022: reading group “The Alignment Problem” by Brian Christian (chapters 7-9, online)

Sep 28. 2022: planning the intro phase for the upcoming semester (online, join here)

Sep 21. 2022: cinema session: watching EAG talks together

Sep 14. 2022: social: we’ll go for a short walk together; meet at 6pm infront of the Fremdsprachenzentrum

Sep 07. 2022: EAGx Berlin preparation (online, join here)

August 31. 2022: bbq at Marius’ place (Im Winkelrain 47); bring your own food and drinks.

August 24. 2022: break

August 17. 2022: community building as a career path with Moritz

August 10. 2022: playing around with GPT-3 with Joschka & Marius

August 09. 2022: reading group “The Alignment Problem” by Brian Christian (chapter 4-6) via zoom (18 p.m.)

August 08. 2022: DIY EA Tübingen T-Shirts – tie-dye-session at Marius’ place (17-21 p.m.)

August 03. 2022: board game night at Kathis’ place

Juli 27. 2022: Academic teaching and EA with Malte

Juli 20. 2022: AI timelines with Marius & Joschka

Juli 13. 2022: Mental Health as a cause area with Pauline

Juli 06. 2022: bbq and authentic relating at Marius’ place (Im Winkelrain 47); bring your own food and drinks.

June 29. 2022: Discussing Will MacAskill’s EAG talk with Joschka

June 28. 2022: Social at at 19:00; everyone welcome

June 22. 2022: Discussion on degrowth with Marius & Erola; Erola will join via zoom but everyone who is in Tübingen can join the discussion live in room 106 of the Fremdsprachenzentrum.

June 17. 2022: Stocherkahn Social – let’s meet here at 15:00

June 15. 2022: Re-evaluating this year’s resolutions (everyone welcome, even if you haven’t participated in January)

June 08. 2022: Moral Uncertainty with Daniel

June 01. 2022: Barbeque at Marius’ place (Im Winkelrain 47); bring your own food; drinks will be there.

May 25. 2022: Global health – Randomistas for and against by Yannick

May 18. 2022: EA Pubquiz hosted by last semester’s winning team

May 11. 2022: Workshop: Doing Good Better with your Career

May 4. 2022: Charity Donation Giving Game, we’ll head to the Irish Pub afterwards

April 27. 2022: Doing Good Better – An Introduction to Effective Altruism

tba: in-person social

April 6. 2022: Ageing & Longevity with Moritz, online

March 30. 2022: break

March 23. 2022: Online – everyone brings their favourite figure; zoom

March 16. 2022: Social at Pauline’s place

March 9. 2022: Online Casual Games & Chat Social

Feb 23. 2022: Marius’ in-person “food I wish I had known earlier” dinner social. NOT AT USUAL PLACE, BUT AT MARIUS’ PLACE (Im Winkelrain 47). Join the WhatsApp group for exact coordination

Feb 16. 2022: Things I wish I knew when I started with EA with Joschka

Feb 09. 2022: EA megaprojects

Feb 02. 2022: “Evaluating the German Government Coalition from an EA perspective” with Yannick, Ludwig and Marius
Check out their Blogpost on the topic here.

Jan 26. 2022: Marius will try to convince you that gene editing is good, like really good

Jan 19. 2022: Social with Sebastian: Authentic Relating, ONLY IN PERSON

Jan 12. 2022: How can we effectively achieve our new year’s resolutions with Marius

Dec 15. 2021: EA Christmas social – Only in person!

Dec 08. 2021: social: Lightning talks – everyone can talk about something they find worth sharing

Dec 01. 2021: Longtermism with Yannick (online and in-person) – pls have a look at Covid guidelines outlined above

Nov 24. 2021: social: Productive disagreement with Yara (in-person), also join online

Nov 17. 2021: Global health & poverty with Dominik (in-person)

Nov 10. 2021: Pubquiz, no knowledge of EA required!

Nov 03. 2021: Effective Altruism and Careers; Streamed online but please COME IN PERSON (Fremdsprachenzentrum, Wilhelmstr. 22, Room 101) if you can

Oct 25. 2021: Giving game & 1-on-1’s (Monday, not Wednesday!)

Oct 20. 2021: “Doing Good Better. An Introduction to Effective Altruism”, in-person at Fremdsprachenzentrum, Wilhelmstr. 22, Room 106

Oct 13. 2021: break

Oct 11. 2021: 17:00-19:00 Digitaler Markt der Möglichkeiten der Universität Tübingen. Q&A for new students and interested people here on Zoom. More info here (university website)

Oct 06. 2021: EA social (in person); meet at 18:00 at the Neckarbrücke (Taubenschlag)

Sep 29. 2021: Biosecurity with Moritz

Sep 22. 2021: local opportunities of EA in Tübingen with Ludwig

Sep 17. 2021: Orga Meeting (everyone welcome)

Sep 10. 2021: Break

Sep 3. 2021: EA social in person (18:00 Neckarbrücke Taubenhaus)

August 27. 2021: EA social in person (Bota 18:00) authetic relating and talking about 23andme

August 20. 2021: Space Colonisation with Yannick

August 13. 2021: Break (Unconference in Berlin)

August 06. 2021: EA social in person: we will go for a longer walk together (~2h), starting at 18:00 at the eastern end of the Neckarinsel (where the metal stairs are – here)

July 30. 2021: Fish welfare with Pauline

July 23. 2021: EA social: present your favourite resources
Feel free to add your favourite resources you want to present in this doc

July 16. 2021: Cultured meat with Sebastian

July 09. 2021: EA social in person BBQ at 18:00: Im Winkelrain 47, bring your own food and drinks 🙂

July 02. 2021: Chronic Pain with Domi and Marius

June 25. 2021: Orga meeting

June 18.2021: social – Authentic Relating with Sebastian

June 11.2021: AI-safety with Marius

June 04.2021: social on mental health in EA, good resource:

May 28.2021: Philosophy of Mind with Malte

May 21.2021: social, we will start on Zoom and then switch to Icebreaker/Gatheround to get to know each other better in 1-1 conversations with questions as discussion prompts

May 14.2021: X-risks with Jonathan

May 12.2021: “Einführung in den Effektiven Altruismus”. We will have a systemic introduction to the concept Effective Altruism in German
Facebook Event:

May 07.2021: social

April 30.2021: A (Post)Rational dialogue with Sebastian and Jonathan

April 23.2021: Orga meeting. Everyone can join.

April 16.2021: break

April 09.2021: Social – we will just hang out and do some circling facilitated by Sebastian

April 02.2021: Biorisk by Selina

Mar. 26.2021: EA and chill

Mar. 19.2021: Discussing Criticisms of Utilitarianism (Malte)

Mar. 12.2021: break

Mar. 05. 2021: Authentic Relating (Sebastian)

Feb. 26. 2021: Thoughts on personal finance as an Effective Altruist (Marius)

Feb. 19. 2021: “Presentation on consciousness and moral patienthood” (Marius)

Feb. 12. 2021: “Deep dive into GiveWell – investigating GiveWell’s methodology” (Marius)